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Winners Dark Tourism Experiment

In the following we list the winning participant codes of the dark tourism online experiment conducted by Michael Voelk. The first 14 are the ones that won their payoff and the remaining 10 are the ones that got a random contribution from another player. If your participant code is in the list please send us an email (xpertise@hochschule-rhein-waal.de) with your participant code, your private key, your name and your IBAN to claim your cash prize. Please note that it can take up to a few weeks to process the payment in the financial department and to send it to your bank account.

Winner Participant Code
Winner 1 fd9845gb
Winner 2 ff42xopa
Winner 3 fg9lw1cj
Winner 4 fjc18byq
Winner 5 fn7b1nhl
Winner 6 fz1gt0td
Winner 7 g3ijx2nv
Winner 8 g4hfga2j
Winner 9 g75uyhol
Winner 10 gp42j8od
Winner 11 gthhhu7a
Winner 12 gwdcgsit
Winner 13 gxckdj32
Winner 14 h6si4ro1
Winner 15 h8lmi34a
Winner 16 hjv0zbot
Winner 17 hm8n1tug
Winner 18 i3tvpugy
Winner 19 i66yfl2j
Winner 20 iddzcx46
Winner 21 ikeisara
Winner 22 iszuec1z
Winner 23 iufhtdcg
Winner 24 jas81xcs


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